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How Technology Triad Apps Will Radically Disrupt Society

On October 23, Google announced it had successfully tested the quantum computer it had been creating. Google said their machine was able to finish a computational task in just 200 seconds — and that the world’s most powerful supercomputers would need 10,000 years to accomplish the same task. From this event in history, start your stopwatch.

In only six to eight years from now, society will be radically disrupted:

  • There will be 20%- 40% unemployment for blue-collar and white-collar workers. (Yes, even professionals with university degrees and decades of career experience will be out of work).
  • Universal Basic Income will be implemented so that society does not devolve into chaos. (This is a concept that major tech moguls are currently proposing, which will become a future necessity).
  • U.S. Education will have collapsed because educators and administrators will have no solutions for how to transition an entire education system from being outdated to being relevant. (There will be many education experiments trying to evolve the curriculum but most will fail).
  • The majority of universities will go bankrupt because the high school students will no longer be there to feed into them, four-year degrees will be immaterial and government grants will dry up. (The strongest universities will still survive as shadows of their former selves, using only a small fraction of their original campus and resources).

But it is not the quantum computer, in-of-itself, which is going to cause this radical disruption. It will be the combined technology of quantum computing, AI and big data. This Technology Triad will be integrated within cloud-based apps, whose use will scale very quickly throughout the world.

These Technology Triad Apps (TTA) will be:

  • Geared to replace human labor in different fields from engineering, medicine, journalism, legal, finance, coding, tech support, administrative assistant, data analytics, science, art, music and dozens more fields.
  • Used like advanced software wizards in navigating everything from complex IT systems to the millions of current and proposed ordinances and laws at all levels of government bureaucracies.
  • Available to custom configure, like macros, through cloud based APIs by anyone for any type of use. These customized TTA can be proprietary and/or created to be leased to the public through app store platforms.
  • The central customized brains for thousands of different types of robotic automation, which will be used by companies for everything from fast food service to aerospace construction. The TTA will then enable robotic automation to hyper-evolve into becoming Responsive Robotics due to the Technology Triad’s AI integrated proficiency for machine learning from billions of daily robotic interactions.

This will be a new TTA ecosystem, which will broaden into a revolution that will be exponentially more disruptive than the industrial revolution. Google and Microsoft will start this process. Both corporations have the individual technologies required and will find a way to integrate them into the Technology Triad to create the first basic apps. Then they will monetize the apps with per-minute/hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly subscription services. Other technology corporations will then follow this path by developing their own Technology Triad along with competing apps. The competition will accelerate the advancement of the TTA quality, delivery and use within society. At the same time, the individual technologies will be advancing as well. Quantum computing will do more complex tasks. The current linear AI will be developed into a more advanced Self-Aware AI. Big data will continue to increase its data storage capacity and access to hundreds of additional sources that include aerial, geolocation, medical, financial, consumer, statistical, scientific and legal information.

The commercial space will thrive in the TTA revolution. Major corporations, with their established advantages, will start to operate much leaner and quickly become more profitable. There will also be new potential for startups in all fields, not just tech, to exponentially grow like never before. While competition will significantly increase on a global level, so will the commercial opportunities as the era of mass production will be ending and the era of mass customization will begin. In turn, the era of human labor will also be ending and the era of human creativity will begin. In this new era, a consensus will start developing in recognizing the unique attributes of emotion and intuition, the core foundation of creativity, as the main human advantages over the TTA. At that point the hard skills, which dictated human success for thousands of years, will become obsolete without humans also having the skill of creativity. That means, to be relevant, humans will have to bring something new and creative to their work every single day by using the TTA as tools. The humans that cannot successfully develop the skill of creativity will become unemployable.

This new reality will radically disrupt all levels of education, where memorization and recitation has been the valued and rewarded skill. Consequently, parents and students will start rejecting the obsolete U.S. Education curriculum that cannot teach the skill of creativity. At that point, U.S. Education will quickly collapse followed by the university systems it was feeding into. But as corporations start needing more humans with the skill of creativity, they will recognize that a growing and sustainable U.S. economy is completely hinged to the success of U.S. Education. Only then will the combined focus of government and corporate attention, in their-own self-interest, turn to U.S. Education. Tremendous resources will be invested into new education experiments. Many decades and generations of students will be lost until a final sustainable system emerges that will scale throughout all of U.S. Education.

The take-away from these future projections is that the TTA revolution is coming and nothing will stop it. As outlined, it will be very beneficial for corporations and radically disruptive to the all levels of education and the nations social fabric. But there is a two-part solution that can be implemented now to avoid the future disruption for education and society. The first part of the solution is offered at OIsource (oisource.com) in the form of training called the ITP, which stands for Innovative Thinking Process. The ITP teaches a breakthrough process for high-level problem solving and innovation by using human emotion and intuition as tools. In essence, it is training for the skill of creativity.

The second part of the solution is to implement an education curriculum that uses and amplifies the skill of creativity to its full capacity. This is accomplished by launching LED accelerator (createledaccelerator.com), a dual system within U.S. Education that will develop high-level creative thinkers and breakthrough innovators through a process. LED accelerator will be comprised of gifted, hyper competitive student teams within each school district that will continually adopt best practices and learning strategies. LED accelerator will provide the internally generated evidence-based data for educators and administrators to continually innovate the rest of U.S. Education. So the current process of relying on failed guesses of ‘education experts’ to originate future curriculum and doctrines will cease. In turn, the breakthrough innovators LED accelerator develops will become the future leaders in society, guiding the accelerated evolution of U.S. social, economic, government and military needs. LED accelerator will be empowered by the unique constitutional-based freedoms of American culture and will be the basis of American Exceptionalism to once again lead the world. The reason LED accelerator will be such a powerful system is that it is the final education experiment that would have eventually emerged to be sustainable and scalable throughout all of U.S. Education. It is a breakthrough innovation concept that is being unmasked ahead of its time for society to understand and use now.

But society has always through history been guided by Reactive human nature, which waits until the point-of-pain to deal with radical disruptions. The information outlined hereto about the solutions for the future disruptions gives society another option. Society can take Creative actions now, by using the ITP and launching LED accelerator to proactively engage their future rather than wait to be painfully disrupted by it.

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Why Augmented Reality Will Be Remarkable And Virtual Reality Will Be Regulated

The remarkable potential of Augmented Reality is just starting to be realized. It will continue to thrive and advance throughout all the fields of business, science, medicine, education, government, military and entertainment. Augmented Reality will then take a hyper leap forward once the Unified Field Theory in physics is understood. At that time it will become accepted that mass and density are independent states interlinked only in nature, but mass specifically can be produced separately within Augmented Reality. This will be achieved by isolating images within areas where intense frequencies can be emitted from one source and then forcibly restricted by another source, thereby increasing the frequencies amplitude to attain mass without density at specific points. In essence, Augmented Reality will evolve into the first Holodeck. This will just be an augmented process of nature where the non-physical constructs of quantum frequencies (i.e. the field) self-restrict into the physical construct of a particle. So that’s the remarkable value of Augmented Reality. It will always be just an extension of nature. Consequently, Augmented Reality will only help humans become more creative and evolve society as a whole.

The reason for this positive outcome is due to Augmented Reality only being superposed onto our Genuine Reality. Therefore no matter how advanced the technology becomes, Augmented Reality will still enable the mind to have a steady connection to our Genuine Reality. This is a critical aspect because Genuine Reality, as-it-is, has enough challenges of emotional and intelligence complexity for the mind to properly function within. So adding any additional interaction with visual and auditory technology only has the result of separating the mind, to one degree or another, from Genuine Reality. In the future, it will be understood that within our Genuine Reality there is already a separation between the physical brain and the cognitive mind. Furthermore the mind is not just one component but comprised of multiple components. Therefore there is an additional separation within your mind between the identity you sense and perceive your Self to be and your thoughts, intuition and emotion. So there are already two stages of separation between your Self and Genuine Reality as-it-is. That’s why something as elementary as a movie can separate your mind, to some extent, from Genuine Reality. This is what Psychology labels as experience-taking.

Since Augmented Reality is only being superposed on Genuine Reality, a combined experience is produced which limits the potential level of additional emotional and intelligence complexity that the mind is challenged with to experience. But Virtual Reality is completely and fundamentally different from Augmented Reality, even though the names and commercial terminology used for both sound similar. They are in fact so radically different that Virtual Reality can actually be described as having the same effect on the mind as poison has on the body. Yes, a correlation can be made between poison and Virtual Reality. Poison unhinges the operating system of a physical organism until it leads to the organism’s failure. So a higher level of poison just leads to an accelerated rate of unhinging the operating system of that organism. In turn, Virtual Reality has the same effect on the cognitive mind. Virtual Reality unhinges the operating system of the cognitive mind until it leads to the mind’s failure to comprehend the difference between Genuine Reality and the substituted Virtual Reality. This is possible because Virtual Reality does not just superpose images and sound but instead substitutes a new reality by completely isolating the minds vision and auditory experience. Therefore the more intense the Virtual Reality, the greater the emotional and intelligence complexity that the mind is challenged with to experience. Which leads to an accelerated rate at which the mind is separated from Genuine Reality. This process of separation from Genuine Reality is what unhinges the operation of the cognitive mind just like poison unhinges the operation of the physical organism.

Inevitably, Virtual Reality technology will advance until its commercial and illicit use will have devastating affects on society. There will be lawsuits against the companies, wherever they may be in the world, making and using this technology. The government will also start targeting those same companies due to the technology being used by criminal organization and rogue nations. Eventually, government will regulate all Virtual Reality technology and designate its use solely to approved agencies. The reason Virtual Reality will not be banned and outlawed completely is because it, like poison, can have extremely beneficial effects in specific circumstances. For instance, specific poison, in specific amounts, under specific controlled conditions, can actually heal and transform organisms. Similarly, Virtual Reality will be used in specific situations in the medical field to heal trauma patients. It will also be used in specific situations in the military field to transform a terrorist into a model citizen. So in the end, Virtual Reality will have uses. But those uses will not be scalable, sustainable or commercial.

This forecast, by itself, will not stop companies and investors from collectively allocating billions of dollars over the next decade into Virtual Reality. But the fact that almost all will lose their entire investment just may give some pause to consider this alternative paradigm. If you are part of a leadership team investing your time and/or money in the development of Virtual Reality then OIsource ( oiscource.com ) can help you create a strategy which will give your investment the best chance of success in the very narrow future window you will have.

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A New Paradigm On Biology


Viruses, bacteria and parasites are biological smart devices. They are just like mechanical smart devices (like smart phones for instance), which only act ‘smart’ because they source information from a separate physical infrastructure to function. In turn, the biological smart devices only act ‘smart’ because they also source information to function. But instead, they source it from a separate virtual infrastructure, that contains billions of future years of stored information.

That is why biological smart devices have the ability to constantly adapt to most every aspect of nature and space, as well as most every human created ‘cure’. In essence, even though they’re microscopic, they act with the intelligence of a huge supercomputer. That is why human created cures are just triggers for the biological smart devices to access a higher level of information and adapt. This aspect of our matrix exists to provide humans with physical and mental resistance and challenge.

However, scientists do not understand this paradigm. So hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted on inconsequential and counterproductive medical experiments. This is because researchers are mistakenly analyzing the interface of our matrix and not its information based nature. Further explanation on: AntonKrutz.com/thought-leadership.

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Do we really need to Break out of the Matrix?


The following article is about how Elon Musk and other tech and corporate billionaires are convinced we live in a matrix: Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it.

They are correct in that our physical reality is a matrix. But the huge apprehension and concern of Elon and others that we need to try to escape the matrix is not warranted. Our cognition is already located in a different dimension from our physical dimension. So there is nothing to escape from to begin with. This is explained in detail as a process within the first Unified Field Theory.

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