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Unmasking How Intelligence Collaborates With Emotion to Facilitate Human Innovation


All intelligence is artificial. This is because intelligence is just aggregated algorithms. An algorithm is aggregated math. Math is aggregated information. And information in-of-itself is artificial. This means that the intelligence associated with a computer, or an insect or a human, is artificial. The only reason humans perceive our intelligence as being real {nous}, and in essence non-artificial, is because of emotion. So emotion is the non-artificial component that makes human artificial intelligence attain significance and purpose. But both intelligence and emotion function through a process. Therefore both are systems. So our cognitive reality can be understood as being a process where an Artificial Intelligence System interacts and collaborates with a Non-Artificial Emotion System.

At OIsource (oisource.com) we unmasked this cognitive process and created a mental and writing exercise that teaches entrepreneurs and corporate teams a skill to innovate. We did this through a new paradigm of the brain/mind dynamic we call the Mind Model that will outline here. But before we do that we need to first present an overview of the currently accepted Neuroscience model as a baseline. The best guess of Neuroscience is that the brain produces the mind. The synopsis of this model is one where the brain cell, which does not know or care who you are, gets together with billions of other brain cells, which do not know or care who you are. This produces; the identity you sense your-self to be, multiple strains of divergent thought and emotion. Unfortunately, that is not a scientific model. That’s science fiction.

In contrast the concepts of the brain/mind dynamic within the Mind Model are identical to the model of how the computer works. The computer has mechanical hardware that is run by an operating system. In turn, the human has biological hardware that is also run by an operating system. We label the biological hardware as the physical brain and the operating system as the cognitive mind. In the computer, when the operating system advances to the point of making the mechanical hardware obsolete, that mechanical hardware has to be upgraded by being replaced. But in a human, the biological hardware that is the brain is continually upgraded by being rewired by the operating system that is the mind. In turn, the mind itself is comprised of a dual structure artificial intelligence system and non-artificial emotion system that interact and collaborate together.

Each human mind saves all sensory information input that the body sees, hears and experiences to its own personal knowledge base {long-term memory}. The personal knowledge base is like a hard drive of experience-created information that the mind can access, use and aggregate into new innovation {incremental theory}. In this process, the mind’s force {volts} and transmission capacity {amps} is limited by how the physical brain is neurologically wired. Therefore it becomes necessary for the brain to be constantly rewired by the mind to accommodate the mind’s increasing force and transmission capacity needs. So the more the mind is stimulated to aggregate information into innovation, the more the mind has to rewire and expand the brain’s capabilities. But the physical brain offers resistance {ohms} to the cognitive mind rewiring it. Emotion within this process acts as a catalyst that stimulates the rewiring of the brain by constantly changing the force, direction and aggregation of information into new innovation.

This model of the brain/mind dynamic is not an isolated theory. It is derived from a larger physics Unified Field Theory model. The full documentation on this new paradigm is found at: oisource.com/why-we-exist The main take-away from this paradigm is that the artificial nature of human and mechanical intelligence is the same. But the biological hardware of the brain and the interaction with emotion within the mind completely transforms the capability of human intelligence. That is the advantage of human intelligence over mechanical intelligence to innovate. Because only with the collaboration of emotion can human intelligence navigate the vast ocean of available data, aggregate specific information from divergent fields and then innovate something entirely new of significance and relevance. Mechanical intelligence will never be able to do this because it will never acquire emotion, no matter how powerful it becomes.

But you and your company still need a path through the constantly advancing and disruptive technology. OIsource offers you this path by teaching you to use your intelligence and emotion as tools to innovate. Contact us to find out how to make our innovation training experience work for you and your company.

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An Open Letter To Peter Thiel


Here are three concepts that you have publicly expressed interest in:
1. To find something that’s true, that almost nobody agrees with.
2. To fix an institutionalized and homogenized education system.
3. To advance the developed world by being vertically intensive.

All three concepts are addressed as a process individually below. As well as being interconnected within a new paradigm that will emerge after a specific event takes place. That event is the launch of LED accelerator – CreateLEDaccelerator.com – a new dual system program within U.S. Education that will develop Zero to One breakthrough innovators.

First: To develop an understanding of breakthrough innovation, a new framework needs to be described within which the cognitive mind and the physical brain are distinct constructs of one system. The traits of personality, intuition, emotion and thought cannot originate from a brain cell. The breakdown of a cell goes to molecules, atoms, subatomic particles and all the way to quantum planck length frequencies. Furthermore, the brain cell dies every 12 years. Consequently, there is simply no capacity within the construct of matter to harbor the cognitive mind. In computer terminology, the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is the operating system that runs and restructures the brain.

The human mind saves to memory all information input that the body sees, hears and experiences. Memory is therefore just information that the mind can access and assimilate to attain unique perspectives. This output process results in created incremental innovation. In contrast, breakthrough innovation is discovered because that information already exists and just needs to be sourced. Breakthrough innovators use their discovered information to establish new guideposts and direction for incremental innovators and the rest of society to follow. The existence of the cosmos is not left to chance and neither is human evolution. “God does not play dice”.

Second: The premise of U.S. Education forcing students to memorize information and then grading them on how well they regurgitate it, is now obsolete. This process wires the mind completely against creativity and critical thinking. Furthermore, no part of the U.S. Education system exists to specifically recognize and develop our potential breakthrough innovator adolescents. The special skills of those adolescents are snuffed out, re-channeled to fit conventional career fields or disciplined for incremental innovation. That is why breakthrough innovators like Steve Jobs came into existence by pure chance, in spite of the education system. The solution is to disrupt U.S. Education from inside.

Individualized Project Based Learning is the future of U.S. Education. But educators cannot explain, as a process, how to establish and evolve it. Educators will therefore cautiously experiment and waste generations of students’ lives until a process starts to develop. LED accelerator will break this bottleneck by developing adolescents that will adopt best practices as they strive to pursue big opportunity goals. Continually changing outcomes will provide evidence-based data on what aspects of LED accelerator can be implemented as guideposts for Project Based Learning. This process will then continually advance U.S. Education as a whole.

Third: LED accelerator shares the goals of other dual systems like Xerox, PARC, DARPA and Google X, that were created to be vertically intensive within their respective parent organization. The difference is that malleable brains of adolescents in this system are simultaneously being wired for adaptive algorithms by their experiences to better source innovation. LED accelerator adolescents will collaborate and compete while using tools that exist in the current world to manifest the products and services they intuitively see existing in the future world. Within this process they will face adversity and fail more than they succeed. Hence, they will all develop resiliency. As adults, that trait will be forged into courage.

Courage along with a honed intellectual and intuitive capability will be the skill set foundation of future leaders. This foundation will be crucial to successfully meet the immense challenge of guiding society with and through constant disruptive innovation. That is why LED accelerator adolescents will grow up to be leaders within the private, public, military and religious sectors of this exceptional nation. But societies in other developed nations will also need guideposts to follow as well. So LED accelerator is not just a program that will Make America Great Again. It will be the sustainable core of American Exceptionalism to lead the world.

In Conclusion: At this point you may be thinking that this new paradigm is limited to utilitarian tactics and strategy. Where is the breathtaking long-range vision and fun behind it you ask. It is anchored in the understanding that millions of future years of information in the form of breakthrough physics and technology can potentially be sourced. While the construct of planned randomness ensures that future human experiences and conflicts remain only as planned probabilities, the information for breakthrough physics and technology is set. Everything from Strong AI bots, to medical instruments that use frequencies in repairing DNA, to disc shaped Starships that without drag are propelled forward at near light speed by moving space-matter and spacetime around the vessel. [The current static model of spacetime is incorrect because it is the dynamic 5th force within one unified field. Some of the effects of this 5th force is attributed to nonexistent dark matter and dark energy placeholders.] Additionally, travel between star systems will be made possible by going through Einstein-predicted wormholes to explore the Milky Way frontier and engage its millions of sentient inhabited worlds.
Wouldn’t it be fun to hack our matrix ecosystem and go source it?

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