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Self directed learning needs to be led by evidence based processes


Article on self-directed learning by Tom Vander Ark.

Self-directed learning is the future of U.S. Education. But to get to that sustainable outcome there will be hesitant and cautious experiment after experiment. All the while U.S. Education will be constantly behind the innovation curve. LED accelerator will break this bottleneck by developing its own unique doctrines and learning strategies.  The hyper competitive adolescents within each LED accelerator will continuously adopt best practices to evolve their culture and strive to address Big Opportunities. Outcomes will be sustainable because they will be continuously analyzed and debated by educators to provide evidence-based data on what aspects of the ever evolving LED accelerator processes can be implemented to advance U.S. Education as a whole. More information found on: CreateLEDaccelerator.com

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Developing Breakthrough Innovators in U.S. Education


Breakthrough innovators throughout history have described their work as a process of discovery, always sensing a final vision of what they eventually manifested. Within this process all past and future breakthrough innovation has always existed conceptually, ready to be sourced by breakthrough innovators. It was possible for breakthrough innovators to do this because they were coincidentally positioned in their fields along with having brains that were naturally wired with developed algorithms, to be able to source the innovation.

Since there is a process to discover breakthrough innovation, there is therefore a process to develop future breakthrough innovators. This process takes the form of LED accelerator, a dual system program within U.S. Education. LED accelerator will accelerate how breakthrough innovation is discovered and then beneficially allocated within society. The select adolescents within this program will grow up to be leaders within the private, public, military and religious sectors of this exceptional nation. In turn, the future core of American Exceptionalism to lead the world, will run through this program.

More in depth explanation is found on: CreateLEDaccelerator.com


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