Where Does Memory Reside?


This article Why You’ll Remember This Column discusses how a neuroscientist surgically removed parts of a rats cortical tissue to see if he could methodically discover what part of the rats brain held the memory of a path to navigate a maze to food. To his surprise the memory of the maze was still there even though substantial portion of the brain were removed.

Neuroscience will not be able to understand this outcome while it believes that memory along with all the other traits of self, emotion, thought, personality and intuition reside in the cells of the physical brain. Memory along with those other traits reside in the cognitive mind. In essence, the mind and brain are two distinct constructs of one system. In computer terminology, the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is the operating system that runs and restructures the brain. So even when the brain is damaged (or even parts removed), the mind can neurologically re-wire/re-structure the brain to be usable. This why information in the form of all of life’s memories/experiences not only survives the damage of the brain but ultimately survives the death of the brain. That information is always housed in the mind. More in depth explanation on the cognitive phenomena can be found at: AntonKrutz.com/physics  In the ‘Purpose’ section.