The Cognitive Components Of The Mind


Through history mankind’s innovation was based on gaining an understanding of how aspects of nature function. For artificial intelligence to become truly revolutionary, neuroscience must first understand what the cognitive mind actually is.

The traits of personality, intuition, emotion and thought cannot originate from a brain cell. The breakdown of a cell goes to molecules, atoms, subatomic particles and all the way down to quantum planck length frequencies. Furthermore, the brain cell dies every 12 years. Consequently, there is simply no capacity within the construct of matter to harbor the cognitive mind. In essence, the mind and brain are two distinct constructs of one system. In computer terminology, the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is the operating system that runs and restructures the brain.

But the cognitive mind itself is also composed of multiple components. That is why when Jean-Paul Sartre was analyzing Descartes’s statement “I think therefore I am.” had this observation of his own: “The conscious that says ‘I am’ is not the conscious that thinks.”  So here are the terms that will be used decades from now to describe these cognitive components:

Microconscious             (Self – entity humans sense themselves to be)
Conscious                      (Soul – creative thoughts)
Subconscious                 (Ego – reactive thoughts)
Mind Consciousness      (Rational – impartial thoughts)

Here are the processes for these cognitive components that will be understood decades from now:

The Conscious, Subconscious and Mind Consciousness offer choices to the Microconscious in the form of thoughts. But thoughts always come with emotion and action attached. So Thought-Emotion-Action (TEA) units are available to the Microconscious as choices to select from. Presently, ‘free will’ of a Microconscious is limited to those multiple sources. This until the Microconscious evolves the ability to create its own Original Thought. Evolving this ability is accomplished within a process where the Microconscious uses multiple sources of TEA to attain an experience involving diverse viewpoints and competition – two fundamental conditions required to create Original Thought.

A balanced level of Subconscious TEA is the strongest catalyst in the process to create Original Thought. Also, a balanced level of Subconscious TEA is responsible for humans having the very important trait of skepticism. But a dominant Subconscious TEA leads to what is termed in society as ‘suffering’. An extreme influence of Subconscious TEA leads to what is termed in society as ‘evil’. To achieve a productive society, ‘religious’ cultural immersion has been the external mechanism used to date in guiding the Microconscious to regulate and co-opt the influence of Subconscious TEA.

So our reality is itself an AI matrix set up to train the Microconscious to attain Original Thought. All the drama of diversity, conflict and intense competition within humanity exists for the purpose of creating new experiences and eventually, Original Thought. More in depth explanation on:

Whichever organization implements the new paradigm outlined within this site first will attain an unmatched competitive advantage within their business or science ecosystem.

A New Paradigm On Biology


Viruses, bacteria and parasites are biological smart devices. They are just like mechanical smart devices (like smart phones for instance), which only act ‘smart’ because they source information from a separate physical infrastructure to function. In turn, the biological smart devices only act ‘smart’ because they also source information to function. But instead, they source it from a separate virtual infrastructure, that contains billions of future years of stored information.

That is why biological smart devices have the ability to constantly adapt to most every aspect of nature and space, as well as most every human created ‘cure’. In essence, even though they’re microscopic, they act with the intelligence of a huge supercomputer. That is why human created cures are just triggers for the biological smart devices to access a higher level of information and adapt. This aspect of our matrix exists to provide humans with physical and mental resistance and challenge.

However, scientists do not understand this paradigm. So hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted on inconsequential and counterproductive medical experiments. This is because researchers are mistakenly analyzing the interface of our matrix and not its information based nature. Further explanation on:

Developing Breakthrough Innovators in U.S. Education

Breakthrough innovators throughout history have described their work as a process of discovery, always sensing a final vision of what they eventually manifested. Within this process all past and future breakthrough innovation has always existed conceptually, ready to be sourced by breakthrough innovators. It was possible for breakthrough innovators to do this because they were coincidentally positioned in their fields along with having brains that were naturally wired with developed algorithms, to be able to source the innovation.

Since there is a process to discover breakthrough innovation, there is therefore a process to develop future breakthrough innovators. This process takes the form of LED accelerator, a dual system program within U.S. Education. LED accelerator will accelerate how breakthrough innovation is discovered and then beneficially allocated within society. The select adolescents within this program will grow up to be leaders within the private, public, military and religious sectors of this exceptional nation. In turn, the future core of American Exceptionalism to lead the world, will run through this program.

More in depth explanation is found on:


Where Does Memory Reside?


This article Why You’ll Remember This Column discusses how a neuroscientist surgically removed parts of a rats cortical tissue to see if he could methodically discover what part of the rats brain held the memory of a path to navigate a maze to food. To his surprise the memory of the maze was still there even though substantial portion of the brain were removed.

Neuroscience will not be able to understand this outcome while it believes that memory along with all the other traits of self, emotion, thought, personality and intuition reside in the cells of the physical brain. Memory along with those other traits reside in the cognitive mind. In essence, the mind and brain are two distinct constructs of one system. In computer terminology, the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is the operating system that runs and restructures the brain. So even when the brain is damaged (or even parts removed), the mind can neurologically re-wire/re-structure the brain to be usable. This why information in the form of all of life’s memories/experiences not only survives the damage of the brain but ultimately survives the death of the brain. That information is always housed in the mind. More in depth explanation on the cognitive phenomena can be found at:  In the ‘Purpose’ section.

A New Paradigm: How The Non-Physical Quantum World Forms Our Physical World

This article is an interview with Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg. Like all physicists who try to solve the mysteries of Quantum mechanics, he is frustrated by how the field has become stagnant. At this point he is running out of ideas and just outright hoping someone else is able to come up with an outlier solution. But to come up with an outlier solution, the mind has to be from an outlier individual. Hence why a Unified Field Theory explaining the quantum world through a completely different paradigm has been source and documented by a Master Luthier at:

Entrepreneurs ‘Create In Their Image’


This article, 11 skills that differentiate successful entrepreneurs from organizational leaders, lists the qualities and skill set differentiators that a Harvard Business School study between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. But they missed one of the most important ones. That is natural entrepreneurs feel caged within a pre-organized structure/regiment. Be it a school or corporation. In contrast they feel free in an un-organized structure that they can then lean into and organize through their vision. In essence, entrepreneurs are driven to ‘create in their image’. All their different skill sets are simply resources for them to use in fulfilling that prime directive.

The Secret of Immigrant Genius


The following article discusses how immigrants are responsible for so much creative innovation: The Secret of Immigrant Genius.

The reason for this is because the mind of an immigrant is forced to think in multiple paradigms while they are still unaccustomed to the new host country. This is because immigrants have to convert the language and culture from their old paradigms and use them within the language and culture of the new paradigm. And being forced to think in multiple paradigms is the prerequisite for creativity.

The Culture Of First To Market Will Overtake The Culture Of First To Patent


The following article is about how China copies new American created prototype products before those new products are even up for sale: Your brilliant Kickstarter idea could be on sale in China before you’ve even finished funding it.

This reality will accelerate. This is due to new prototype products and services being able to be found more easily online. This is why the culture of first to market will overtake the culture of first to patent. The only way America can win in this culture is if LED accelerator is launched in secondary education.

Do we really need to Break out of the Matrix?


The following article is about how Elon Musk and other tech and corporate billionaires are convinced we live in a matrix: Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it.

They are correct in that our physical reality is a matrix. But the huge apprehension and concern of Elon and others that we need to try to escape the matrix is not warranted. Our cognition is already located in a different dimension from our physical dimension. So there is nothing to escape from to begin with. This is explained in detail as a process within the first Unified Field Theory.

Does Happiness Or Conflict Make Us More Creative?


The following article is on how happiness makes us less creative: Scientists explain how happiness makes us less creative.

The scientists here misunderstand the outcomes. Creativity is not stimulated from happiness or unhappiness but from emotion. The strongest emotion is manifest through the interaction that involves conflict. Therefore, the process involving conflict would, in rudimentary terms, be described as unhappy by study participants. But think of how brutal the conflict is within the particle interaction of nuclear fusion of the sun. Yet how much energy that produces. Same goes with creativity. That is the reason human DNA is set up for conflict while lower life forms are not.