Voice - Anton Krutz

Anton Krutz is a true renaissance man. Along with becoming a world renown craftsman in the refined creation of fine string instruments he has accumulated extensive knowledge from the study and exploration of science, philosophy and education. His intimate familiarity and devotion to ideation, meditation and stoicism have given him the ability to extrapolate and cross-fertilize the nuggets of enlightenment from his fields of study that bring unity and sensibility to an otherwise disparate world. As a Thought Pioneer and inspired educator he connects his vision of a reimagined paradigm to the future values and needs of a global audience.

Anton founded K.C. Strings and KRUTZ Strings. These businesses have grown to include over over 40 employees, doing business Internationally with student to professional string players. Through this business growth he has gained experience in all business aspects including manufacture, R&D, marketing, social media, import, export, and all operations. Over the years Anton has intuitively connected his diverse talent stack of disciplines and adapted that understanding to a broader context of creativity. This led to a higher understanding of how breakthrough innovation can be explainable through the paradigm of information theory. Consequently, Anton became a thought leader in the new space of how breakthrough innovation can be mobilized. This is outlined in his latests endeavors of OIsource and LED accelerator.

This combined talent stack of disciplines makes Anton one of the most qualified individuals in the world to be a transformational leader. His ability to advance a vision of a different paradigm and connect that vision to people’s current values and needs is unique.

Anton Krutz