Anton Krutz has a passion for entrepreneurship and has founded several million dollar companies. He has cultivated deep knowledge in the fields of business, physics, neuroscience, philosophy and the arts. As well as insight from the methods of ideation, meditation and stoicism. His ability to extrapolate and cross-fertilize information from all those fields has empowered him to become a thought pioneer. Anton can then connect his vision of a different paradigm to peoples future values and needs. Furthermore, he has created unique products and services that offer individuals the opportunity to start better understanding, stimulating and developing their creativity.

Developing the foundation of individual creativity now is very important. In the future having diverse creative abilities will become critical for individuals as society starts to be disrupted by the advancing technology of artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and quantum computing. This technology will make one-track specialization, our current education system and the majority of jobs people do, obsolete. The only differentiating skill individuals will have from any future technology is the ability to use the uniqueness of human emotions for creativity. In the future, creative skills will ultimately determine professional and personal success.

So let’s begin moving toward that new paradigm now by giving a definition of creativity that we can all share as a society. There are many flowery descriptions of creativity. But here is the definition of creativity as a process:

Cre-a-tiv-i-ty – the ability to hold in your mind a current paradigm alongside creating a destination paradigm and a connecting paradigm while still functioning effectively in a changing environment.

"The enemy of fear is creativity." – Seth Godin


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