Stimulating individual creativity is going to become critical for society in the near future as quantum computing AI and big data (Technology Triad) will be combined into cloud-based apps. These Technology Triad Apps will quickly scale around the world and replace human labor in dozens of different fields. This, along with agile robotics, will quickly disrupt society as we know it by decimating careers and education.(Complete information At that point, having only hard skills, the attribute that dictated human success for thousands of years, will become obsolete without additionally having the skill of creativity.

The skill of creativity will be the main differentiating ability humans have from any future technology. This ability entails using the uniqueness of human emotion and intuition. Therefore as long as individuals continually stimulate their creativity, they will always be able to use the technology around them as tools rather than being made obsolete by that same technology. So in the future, an individual's creativity will ultimately determine their professional and personal success.

Creativity can be taught as a skill, specifically by learning to use emotion and intuition as tools. This is accomplished through OIsource.

Creativity can be incorporated within U.S. Education as a sustainable and scalable curriculum. This is accomplished through LED accelerator.

Creativity can be stimulated through the catalyst of playing bowed string instruments. This is accomplished through KRUTZ instruments.

Find out how the concepts and instruments created by Anton Krutz can empower your future creativity and success.