Human work and society will start to be increasingly disrupted by advancing technology. Everyone is aware of the how fast software and hardware is constantly changing and impacting society. But the biggest impact is yet to come from the technology trifecta of artificial intelligence, big data and robotics. This technology will make our current education system and the majority of jobs humans do, obsolete. The only differentiating skill humans will have from any future technology is our ability to use the uniqueness of our emotions for creativity.

So in the future, creative skills will ultimately define human professional and personal success. To that end, resources and organizations on this site offer society the opportunity to better understand and stimulate our creativity. Let's begin that now, by giving a definition of creativity that we can all share as a society. There are many flowery descriptions of creativity. But here is the definition of creativity as a process:

Cre-a-tiv-i-ty – the ability to hold in your mind a current paradigm alongside creating a destination paradigm and a connecting paradigm while still functioning effectively in a changing environment.

"The enemy of fear is creativity." – Seth Godin


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