Voice - Anton Krutz

Anton Krutz was born in Leningrad, Russia, into a family rich in musical history. Two of his grandparents were Leningrad conservatory graduates and both parents were musician majors as well. Anton started his apprenticeship training to become a luthier (instrument maker) at age 12. He attended and graduated from the internationally known Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City and then concentrated on the restoration of valuable instruments, working in different prestigious shops across the country. This path required him to synthesize information from the fields of math, geometry, chemistry, physics, history, art, crafting, restoration and music in order to excel in his profession to become one of the best luthiers in the word. His instruments are owned and played by many of today's prominent musicians.

Anton's experience evolved within the business space as he started and grew the two companies he founded, KRUTZ instruments and K.C. Strings. He now has over 40 employees and does business Internationally with student to professional string players. Through this business growth he has gained experience in all business aspects including; manufacture, R&D, marketing, social media, import, export, and all operations. Over the years Anton has intuitively connected his diverse talent stack of disciplines and adapted that understanding to a broader context of creativity. This led to a higher understanding of how breakthrough innovation can be explainable through the paradigm of information theory. Consequently, Anton became a thought leader in the new space of how breakthrough innovation can be mobilized in secondary education through a process. This process is outlined in his latest project of LED accelerator.

This combined talent stack of disciplines makes Anton one of the most qualified individuals in the world to be a transformational leader. His ability to advance a vision of a different paradigm and connect that vision to people’s current values and needs is unique.


KRUTZ Instruments


KRUTZ is a manufacturer and vendor of student to professional violins, violas, cellos and basses. We employ European and American craftsmen with over 300 years of combined professional experience in the art of crafting high quality string instruments. – krutzstrings.com

K.C. Strings Violin Shop


K.C. Strings is the flagship store for KRUTZ instruments. It is largest full service violin, viola, cello and bass shop in the Midwest. The shop has an expert staff of repair and sales people that are passionate about music and serving string players. We also have a roster of talented professional studio teachers for private lessons. – kcstrings.com

LED Accelerator


LED accelerator is based on an evolved cognitive reality. Through this new paradigm, concepts are explained for how breakthrough innovation is discovered and incremental innovation is created. This understanding is the foundation for LED accelerator to develop breakthrough innovator Change Agents in secondary education. – CreateLEDaccelerator.com

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