Fact: Bowed string instruments stimulate creativity.

Rene Descartes knew 400 years ago that mind and matter are different. Physics now understand enough about the power of the mind and the limitations of matter to know this is true. So how do they interact?

The human mind subconsciously saves to memory all information input that the body sees, hears and experiences. Memory is therefore just information that the mind can access and assimilate to attain unique perspectives. This is the process of creativity output. In this process, the mind’s force (e.g. volts) and transmission capacity (e.g. amps) is limited by how the physical brain is neurologically wired. It becomes necessary, then, for the brain to be constantly rewired by the mind to accommodate the mind’s force and transmission capacity needs. So the more the mind is stimulated to assimilate information, the more the mind rewires and expands the brain’s capabilities.

But the physical brain offers resistance (e.g. ohms) to the mind re-wiring it. The addition of emotion to this process acts as a catalyst that stimulates the mind to greater output while simultaneously increasing its force to overcome the brain’s resistance. Emotion can range from fear to inspiration and from conflict to harmony. Those emotions can be triggered by human interaction through the release of internal chemicals or they can be triggered by musical vibrations. Within the music domain it has been found that playing bowed string instruments produce the highest level of emotion and is therefore the most potent catalyst for the mind. This is due to the strings uniquely being amplified by an instrument body designed by divine geometry centuries ago. The very movement of a bow along the strings induce vibrations that resonate in consonance with our bodies. This is why we can be overcome with emotion when we hear the evocative sound of string instruments. Because more than any other instrument, the string instruments evoke emotion that speak directly to our imagination. This experience then stimulates the mind to assimilate information in ways that would not have happened otherwise, freeing us from a lifetime of obstacles that have blocked our imagination. So as radical as it may first seem, it turns out that string instruments have the power to free our imagination thereby Stimulating Creativity.

Current research, evidence and references on how music rewires the brain:


“I see my life in terms of music.”
– Albert Einstein

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